Rusalka's Arkan Print by Shawna Balas

Rusalka's Arkan Print by Shawna Balas

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Discover the burst of colour, a frenzy in motion, Balas' artwork "ARKAN", the passion for life so typically captured in Ukrainian Folk Dance. 

Well-known artist, Shawna Balas studied Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba. “Arkan” is from a body of work influenced by her dance career in the 1980's. This piece acts as a memory in time and the exhilaration of moments spent on stage, which so many dancers experience and cherish even long after they hang up their red leather boots.

Arkan is a popular dance of the Ukrainian Hutsul people from Hutsulshchyna, southwestern Ukraine, which is traditionally performed by men around a bonfire. The word Arkanalso refers to the step the male dancers perform while dancing around the fire. The intricate steps, the fast paced music and the costumes are what inspired Balas to bring together this strong image.

One hundred prints are available for a limited time from March 1st until May 31st, 2021. Be sure to get your print before they are gone!

For a personalized touch, all prints sold will be consecutively signed by Ms. Balas as:

“Rusalka’s Arkan #/100 sbalas"

Image size - 30” x 12” and printed on an acid free, warm white Teton cover.

Framing Recommendations

1/4 inch sub-matt in burnt red to match the socks

2 inch warm white to match the Teton cover.

Charcoal wood or metal frame.  

Frame Works Gallery has graciously offered 15% off for anyone who would like to frame their new print at their gallery. For further information for your framing needs please contact:

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